Custom lettering
and rustic handmade
wood-cut art


Hi there!

That's me holding a really big wood-carved sign I once made. I stumbled into this craft on accident when I took a woodblock print-making class at the Rochester Brainery and decided I liked the look of the carved wood better than the actual print that it made. Around the same time, I had just started working on a 52-week typography project, and I decided to combine the two. The result? Hand-drawn, hand-carved wood lettering.

I live in Geneseo, NY with my husband Keith Walters, our daughter Rowan, and our four-legged pack leader, Lady. Together, Keith and I own The Walters Creative Company, and we co-own and operate The Gallery on Main Street in Geneseo.

By day, I am an art director for a marketing agency, and by night I make these carvings and designs after my silly 2-year-old daughter goes to bed.

The process


First, a tiny, crappy thumbnail sketch. Second, a finished and refined design. And third, a final carved and framed piece. I use only pencil and paper to create my compositions, which often start a bit bigger than the size of a quarter, and then I finalize and refine them with a little bit of help from digital tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. I then use a craft knife and a wood-cutting gauge to carefully chisel the design out of some soft pine. And then I finish each piece off with a quick rustic frame made from 1x2, which allows each piece to either hang on the wall or sit on a shelf or tabletop. See the evolution of "You will never regret being kind" below.






Have an idea for a commission? A quote you love or a gift you want to give? I'm all for it. Have some artwork that you made that you think would look cool in carved form? I'm down for collaborations, too! Drop a line using the form below and we'll get started on your custom piece.


Custom lettering and handmade wood-cut art
Geneseo, NY

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